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On this web page you will find the plan to design/redesign your website/online menu and make it look sharp. It is really not complicated or expensive make your online presence look awesome and properly represent your business. This page has all the information you need to see if there is a next step for us.

Please keep in mind, this page is an overview and we look forward to helping you with a custom plan. My promise to you… our work is quality and it’s affordable for your business!

Thank you!

Mike D.CO-Owner: www.cyberspacetoyourplace.com

“A Diverse Media, Web Design, Online Marketing, Mobile App & Consulting Company.”

PS: Please contact me directly with any questions.


Objectives... Design site/online menu to match quality.

  • Content: Sort Menu Properly for Ease of Consumption on all devices.
  • Navigation = Represent each menu section properly with unique pages if relevant.
  • Add images where needed for client.
  • Collect relevant images from client.
  • Showcase images throughout site to communicate experience.
  • Easy to use News Area for Updates and Events if Requested.
  • Use “Responsive Design” to ensure Website Performs on All Screens. One website for all screens.
  • Design Site for Ease of Use for Visitors and Guests. We will carefully consider the “flow” of your site and make it user-friendly for guests.
  • Add Social Share Functions.
  • Correct Facebook Plug-In.
  • Add Basic Review Tie-Ins to Relevant Review Sites (If requested)
  • Create Website Using SEO Basic Best Practices.
  • Train Client on How to Update Website/News/Menu Area.
  • Check on major listings and offer assistance if needed.
  • *Hosting: (Monthly) Security, Automatic Back-ups, Updates to Platform, Tech Support. Monitor to ensure speed of site, 3 second load time, etc.
  • Model websites client likes.

Professional Design/Service $Fees/ Investment = Design Fees are Custom and Based on Your Goals. We can have a conversation to determine your best affordable pricing.

EasyPay Terms: Deposit to Start & 2 Additional Installments (30 days apart)

HTTPS Secure,Fully Managed Hosting Monthly Hosting Begins on day 30. Monthly pricing for hosting plans vary based on your unique situation and website.

Start Process: Once deposit is made we will schedule your first “client call/meeting.”

A few Website Examples…


We strive to give you the best value for your business, NOT the cheapest price!